The Hoy Fish and Chips Restaurant and Bar

Ed Chip Shop Manager.  Very experience fryer has the ability to remain calm and efficient in difficult situations.

Colin is our delivery drivers and likes his fish and chips.  A very conscientious individual always on time, never has he missed a day of work.  Colin has developed good relationships with his customers, always going that extra mile.

Neil is our talker, talk his way out of anything – we hope.

Fred is a Fryer– Is just a nice man, a good conversationalist intelligent and bright and a colourful character.   

Calum  Spud room manager - Very quiet is calum, he likes his bike and wants to be a vet.  Making Calum the most progressive and ambitious character here.

Jim – Bar manager.  Very experienced and proffessional and has spends most of his life behind, or in front of one bar or another.

Jaime Fryer – Jaime has an exciting life making a drama out of any small crisis.